I Buzzed First!
Buzzer Image The new iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone application from Magic Hat Solutions Ltd

I Buzzed First! - Magic Hat Solutions Ltd     Available on WindowsPhone Marketplace     Available on Google Play     Available on Amazon Appstore

A 'fastest finger first' buzzer for the iPhone, Android phones, and Windows Phones! Now you and your friends can see who is the quickest with I Buzzed First! Have you ever wanted to host your own quiz, but needed an easy way to know who is the first to answer? I Buzzed First! is the app you need.

One phone acts as the 'Quiz Master', and any number of Contestants (on separate phones) connect to the quiz. When you're ready to start, the Quiz Master starts the first round, and the buzzer buttons on all the Contenstant's phones light up. The first Contestant to press their buzzer is rewarded with a satisfying sound, and locks all the other Contestants out. Then the Quiz Master starts the next round, and off you go again!

I Buzzed First! even tells everyone in the quiz the name of the person who buzzed first. Any number of Contestants can connect to the same quiz.

The iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone versions of I Buzzed First! are 100% compatible, and you can form a quiz with a combination of iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, Android phones, and Windows Phones running I Buzzed First!

NOTE: The app will need to be installed on at least THREE phones to be useful. One phone acts as the 'Quiz Master', and two (or many more) other phones join the quiz to see who buzzes first. All the phones MUST be connected to the same WiFi network. (Will not work on 2/3G only)

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